Window Glazing Options to Consider

Most people consider a few things very carefully when working with a window company to choose new windows. For example, they consider what frame material is best for their home, and the best size of the windows to fit their space. However, there is one factor some people often overlook – the glazing.

The fact is, the glazing is what helps windows to be more energy efficient. Choosing the right glazing option can help reduce electrical costs and provide other benefits, as well. Learn more here.

Double Glazing

This is the process that fits two panes of glass together, leaving space in-between. It provides a number of benefits. For example, this option will help retain heat efficiently, keeping those inside the home warmer during the winter. However, it will also help to insulate a home against the powerful rays of the sun during the summer months.

This glazing option also protects a home against external noise. The thickness of the glass and the space present between the two panes means that double glazed windows will provide great noise reducing properties.

Triple Glazing

This is when an additional pen of glass is fit onto the window. It results in a total of three panes of glass providing the lowest U-value possible compared to the other glazing options. This means that it is the best option for reducing the loss of heat, and the option that’s the most environmentally friendly.

Secondary Glazing

With this type of window, an additional framed piece of glass is fitted into the frame. It is both convenient and cost-effective. Also, if sound reduction is a top priority, this is the best choice. In fact, there are some triple glazed windows that can reduce exterior noise by as much as 90 percent.

Selecting the right windows to install doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but it does require some thought and consideration. Be sure to consider the factors here when making this important decision. Additional information about choosing new windows for a home can be found by reading this blog for homeowners. Being informed is the absolute best way to make this important decision.